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The company il Verde deals with the design, construction and maintenance of public and private greening and forestry projects as well as the provision of technical consultancy services to the committees that examine the objections (EP.E.A.) on the posted forest maps of the country.

Established in 2008 as a continuation of the sole proprietorship under the name EVANGELIA ANDRIANOPOULOU, graduate Forester-Environmentalist from A.U.TH, mainly engaged in green projects, forestry projects, design and relevant services.

The company il Verde is staffed by Foresters and Agronomists with post-graduate qualifications and many years of experience, it has experienced and specially trained staff, while at the same time it has developed a wide network of external partners, of various specialties (agriculturalists, land surveyors, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, geologists). Through these collaborations we aim to create interdisciplinary networks of cooperation and exchange of know-how in landscape and environmental matters.



Our company’s goal is to propose and create integrated solutions and projects of high quality and aesthetics, while respecting the people and the environment


Our company’s philosophy lies in the continuous development and improvement of the level of its services, aiming to consistently respond to our customers’ needs, as well as the constantly changing needs of the market.


Our company has developed, installed and implemented a single Quality Management System that covers the company’s activities according to ELOT ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015.

The fields of application of the above certifications are:

  • Design-Construction & Maintenance of public and private Greening and Forestry Projects, Greening Environmental Restoration Projects, Pruning-Cutting of Tall Trees, Installation-Maintenance of Turf & irrigation systems.
  • Forestry services activities-Providing forest affairs consulting services.

The certificates have been issued by the accredited inspection body LETRINA S.A. with the approval of the ESYD.

Our company has a certificate of ‘knowledge of the Rational Use of Agricultural Chemicals’ from the Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

For each project carried out, our company prepares and maintains a Health and Safety Plan (HSP) and a Health and Safety File (HSF), in accordance with current legislation.


Our company is a member of:


The Register of Contracting Companies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, for 2nd class green projects


Athens Chamber of Tradesmen


The Civil Protection Service


The Panhellenic Association of Engineers Contractors of Public Works

The members of the company are registered in scientific bodies of Forestry and Technology interest such as:


The Hellenic Forestry Society


The Hellenic Society of Geographical Information Systems


The Geotechnical Chamber of Greece


The Association of Forestry & Greenery Contractors


Our company il Verde uses modern means of transportation and state-of-the-art machinery with internal combustion engines (chainsaws, lawn mowers, drills, brush cutters, blowers, lawn mowers), heavy and light shredders as well as all the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) for the Safety and Health of its employees. We also provide all necessary machinery such as hoes, pushers, shapers, JCB, Bobcat, loaders, hoists and trucks.

The company can also provide field equipment for taking aerial photographs with the latest technology unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with the suitable for mapping Drone DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise with RTK Module for centimeter accuracy, and the Drone DJI Mavic Air as well as inclinometers, electronic range-finders for height and angle distance measurement, calipers, compasses and GPS navigation devices.

Moreover, it has modern office equipment with computers, laptops, peripheral devices, stereoscopes, CAD software, database and secretarial support software, GIS software (Geographic Information Systems) and photogrammetry software.


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